Dry The River – live from Utrecht

Riding bikes in Amsterdam is a good way to get from ‘a’ to ‘b’. But when you want to go to Utrecht, it’s better to catch a train.

And that’s what we did. We travelled to Utrecht on a choo choo train (I say that but it was powered by electricity, not coal – fortunately for Tini who’s a friend of the earth).

Utrecht is a beautiful little town. A great setting for a great set from Dry The River, who were playing at the Tivoli in their final show before heading home to London town.

We’ve been following the Dry The River boys for a little while now, and have developed some pretty high expectations of the young rockers. In Utrecht they didn’t disappoint.

Despite some weariness from a heavy night before, the guys managed to put on an impassioned performance impressing an unfamiliar audience. And despite their relatively un-knowness it was clear from the audience reaction that Dry The River was the stand out performance from the night. It’s always a telling sign when members of the audience look around knowingly, almost checking to see if others are witnessing the spectacle.

Like any good band. Their live performance outstrips their recorded tracks. Cant wait to see them again. We love them.


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