musicwelike is a music journal curated by both of my ears.

My ears are pretty non-bias to one sound. They like a whole lotta sounds but they share a running theme: Music has to have a good beat, a good melody, maybe some samples of some old Nina Simone or Al Green, maybe some serious disco synth. Whoa.

It’s full of new music that’s mostly a variety of hip hop, good R&B (and by good I mean REAL nofuckingcommercialblingsitonmydick shit. As well as a good dose of electro – synth-pop, minimal techno, experimental kind of shiz.¬†Basically it’s whatever my ears like. New music and a few oldies thrown in for good measure.

You can also find reviews on concerts I’ve been to or on new album releases that are just so damn good I need to dribble about them. AND various other bits like MONTHLY PLAYLISTS and podcasts from FBi Radio.

I like to think of it as a catalogue for where I keep all my favourite sounds.

This is one of my most favourite tunes of all time. Sung by a legend. A female soul warrior. THE. Nina. Simone.


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